You are the visionary behind your business. Let us handle the nuts and bolts. Our virtual services are priced with small businesses in mind, and custom quotes are available.

Small Business Startup | $500

You’ve come up with a great idea, and you’re ready to take the plunge. But one of the most important building blocks you need is a good financial foundation. Where are you starting financially? Where do you want to go? We’ve helped even the smallest home businesses get off the ground with personalized consultations and startup documents. We are ready to walk you through all of the financial questions you may have when starting your own business — and even some you didn’t know to ask.

Services include:

  • General Ledger Creation
  • Bank Account Setup
  • Pricing Structure Assistance for Your Products and Services
  • Budget Consultation
  • Operating Cost Evaluation
  • Assistance in filing business forms if necessary


Monthly Financial/Bookkeeping Services | $100 to $500

Let us handle your books. Monthly financial services ensure that your business stays healthy with a detailed monthly check-up. Periodic financial reporting shows your profits and losses, which helps you determine if your pricing scale and marketing efforts are working. These monthly snapshots help make your annual tax preparation a breeze.

Services include:

  • Revenue & Expense Recognition
  • Credit Card and Banking Statements Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • General Financial/Bookkeeping advice

Our financial services are tailored to accommodate small to medium-sized businesses. 

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Quickbooks Support | $50/hour

Already up and running with Quickbooks…..kinda.  No worries, we gotcha covered.  We are Quickbook experts and can go through a general training to make sure you’re using it to your advantage.

Tax Services

We know that end-of-the year government form fiesta can be quite…taxing. Whether you just need a little advice or a full blown tax prep, we’re here to push the paperwork so you can focus on your business.


Form 1040 Review | $100

Filing your own taxes, but you’re not quite sure you found all the deductions you can take? Have questions about whether you’ve got all your business expenses accounted for? Need suggestions on what credits you should take?  We’re happy to take a look at your completed form or walk you through the standard process of filling out a 1040. Our experience and knowledge is at your disposal to ensure that you’ve dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”.

Tax Consult | $50/hour 

Need more than just a little hand-holding? We offer full tax prep services that get your tax forms thoroughly ready to sign and send. This service includes an in-depth consultation where we learn the ins and outs of your tax profile. Then we find every deduction and tax credit and that is relevant to your business to ensure that you are keeping the most revenue from your business in your pocket.

Business Tax Schedule Form Prep | $100 – $250

Depending upon the type of business you run, there are many business tax forms that are necessary to be filed.  If you’re comfortable filing your taxes on your own, we’re happy to help you with this piece of the puzzle. If you do your own books, but you just need a little help at the end of the year, we’ll happily gather your books and prepare your form. If you’re signed up for our Monthly Financial/Bookkeeping Services, we have all your financials so this preparation is a simple $50 add-on.